Made in switzerland

Threema Gateway. Send and receive Threema messages with your own software. More secure, cheaper and more versatile than SMS.

from CHF 0.02/message


Simple integration into your environment



Asymmetric cryptography guarantees that only the intended recipient can read your messages.


The encryption in Threema is verifiable. You encrypt the messages directly on your server using open source software.

Low cost

Signup for free, no recurring fees. Send a message already from CHF 0.02


Threema messages can be received without mobile network coverage as long as there is a working Internet connection.


Send and receive text messages (up to 3500 characters), images and files of any type.


Ensure recognition value by requesting a custom ID and a custom profile picture. Example ID: *THREEMA


Threema Gateway has a lot of possible applications

  • mTAN, OTP (One-time passwords)
  • Alarming for emergency services, IT, technical installations
  • Secure password exchange
  • Forwarding of encrypted emails
  • Secure news channel for internal company communications
  • Confidential customer communications
  • And much more